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12/12/12 (also known as Evil Born) is a 2012 American horror film written and directed by Jared Cohn. It stars Sara Malakul Lane, Jesus Guevara, Erin O'Brien, Steve Hanks, and Carl Donelson. It was filmed in Los Angeles, California and released on December 4, 2012

Plot[edit | edit source]

he film begins with a baby, Sebastian, being born. After Sebastian viciously murders the doctors who delivered him, his mother (Sara Malakul Lane) realizes that there is something seriously wrong with the child. Over the course of the movie, Sebastian brutally murders many people and tragedy strikes many others. Mahari (Jesus Guevara) attempts to steal the baby from Sebastian's birth parents many times and eventually does. He steals Sebastian in order to embrace his evil calling. Police officers attempt to kill Mahari but Mahari and his companions use Sebastian to murder them. The movie ends with all the main characters dead, and their deaths were associated in some way to Sebastian. 12/12/12

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