77 Sunset Strip

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77 Sunset Strip is a 1958 - 1964 American detective series that aired on the ABC television network. It starred Efram Zimbalist Jr. and Roger Smith as detectives who operate as private eyes in an agency located on the famous Hollywood Sunset Strip (in a building next to Hollywood star Dean Martin's "Dino's Lounge." An early hit for ABC, it spawned a number of spinoffs including Surfside 6 (set in Miami), Hawaiian Eye (set in Hawaii), and Bourbon Street Beat (set in New Orleans).

Leap, My Lovely (Season 5, Episode 2)[edit | edit source]

The shady Ferrini (Robert Ellenstein) gets a job as an extra on a movie set. He hypnotizes an actress into throwing herself out of a window when she hears the word "magnificent." He then reveals that he has also hypnotized the film's lead actress, Nita Maran (Diane McBain) and has programmed her to harm herself unless the studio pays him a generous $10000 a week as a "consultant." The studio hires Stu (Zimbaist) and Jeff (Smith) to watch over Nita and to find a way to break Fellini's hold over her.