A Man Called Sloane

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A Man Called Sloane is a 1979-1980 American action-adventure series that aired on the NBC television network. It followed the adventures of Thomas Remington ("T.R.") Sloane (Robert Conrad), a freelance spy who hires himself out to various governments and agencies. The series co-starred Dan O'Herlihy as The Director, a government agent who often gave Sloane assignments. The series was cancelled after twelve episodes due to low ratings and poor reviews.

The Seduction Squad (Episode 2)[edit | edit source]

Sloane investigates when several men sabotage key U.S. defense projects. He discovers that Edward Denton (Robert Culp) uses a mind-controlling chemical to program the men. The drug is spread via the lipstick worn by Denton's henchwomen. To eliminate Sloane, Denton brainwashes his friend Michelle (Lee Purcell) into attempting to kiss him with a more poisonous form of lipstick.