A Snow White Christmas (2018)

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A Snow White Christmas is a 2018 American romantic fantasy holiday movie starring Michelle Randolph as a young woman who is hypnotized into forgetting her past so that her wicker stepmother (Carolyn Hennessy) can steal her inheritance. It costars Liam McNeill, Colt Prattes, and Rich Barnes. The plot draws heavily from the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Blanca Snow (Randolph) wishes to use her half of her late father's inheritance to start her own business and fulfill his wish that she "create new memories" for herself and her family. Her wicked stepmother Victoria (Hennessy), jealous and hoping to have the entire inheritance to herself, hires Raven (Celeste Oliva), a hypnotist, to erase Blanca's memories. Raven lulls Bianca into a hypnotic trance and orders her to forget everything about her past, but an ill-timed comment from Victoria's assistant Zane (Rich Barnes) accidentally implants a post-hypnotic suggestion that "true love" can break Blanca's amnesiac spell.

Blanca wakes up at a lodge in another town, unaware of anything other than her name. She befriends a Christmas septet who call themselves the Holly Jollies, along with a handsome house painter named Hunter (Liam McNeill). Hunter and Blanca soon fall in love and kiss; the kiss activates the 'true love' suggestion in Blanca's mind, and she remembers everything. Unfortunately, Victoria has used Blanca's absence to consolidate her hold over the inheritance money, and it is up to Hunter, Blanca, and the Holly Jollies to put a stop to Victoria's plans before they lose everything.

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