Adventure Comics

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Adventure Comics is a long-running comic book series published by DC Comics from 1938 to 1983 and again from 2009 to 2011. Focusing mostly on superhero and fantasy stories throughout its long run, the comic often featured DC Comics characters such as Superboy, Supergirl, and Aquaman. The long-running Legion of Superheroes team made its first appearance in the pages od Adventure Comics, and played a significant role in the 2009 - 2011 revival.

"Revolt of the Girl Legionnaires!" (Volume 1, Issue 326)[edit | edit source]

Queen Azura of the Planet Femnaz brainwashes the female members of the Legion into betraying their male counterparts. However, the Queen has a change of heart after the male Legionnaires save her home planet from an impending disaster, and she frees the women from her mind control.

"The Rogue Legionnaire!" (Volume 1, Issue 349)[edit | edit source]

The Legionnaires visit a high school science fair, where a student has invented a Time Cube (no, not that time cube ). They are suddenly forced to return to their headquarters to deal with an intruder- Universo, who uses his powers to hypnotize them. Brainiac 5 manages to overcome the mind control and chases Universo, who uses a time bubble to escape. The superheroes are tricked into traveling into the past, where they are ambushed by various allies of Universo. The villain uses the opportunity to try to hypnotize the UPC Inner Council into making him their leader, only for the Legionnaires to reveal that they used the student's Time Cube to foil his plans. In a twist, the student reveals that Universo is his father.

Later, Brainiac 5 uses a pendant to un-hypnotize Superboy, who was left in a trance while the others traveled through time.

"The Mutiny of the Super-Heroines!" (Volume 1, Issue 368)[edit | edit source]

Yet another alien brainwashes the women of the team into hating the men. This time, it's Thora, Ambassador of the planet Taltar. She's smart enough to boost the powers of her slaves before sending them out to attack the other Legionnaires, but Supergirl is able to resist and ruin the Ambassador's plans.

"Treachery!" (Volume 1, Issue 423)[edit | edit source]

Supergirl is tricked into wearing a pair of sunglasses that allow the villains to control her mind. She is then compelled to switch Clark Kent's eyeglasses with a pair of mind-controlling ones. Unfortunately, the villains aren't particularly good at being mind controllers, and Supergirl quickly find several flaws in their programming that allows her to overcome their control and defeat them before Superman can hand out even more glasses to his teammates.

"The Human Bombs and... the Spectre!" (Volume 1, Issue 473)[edit | edit source]

Jim Corrigan, the Spectre, is shopping for a new television when a news report announces the kidnapping of Gwen Sterling, the latest in a series of high-profile snatchings. Gwen's kidnappers take her to an abandoned mine, where a mad scientist uses a hypno-wheel to mesmerize the two crooks into being devoured by his pet barracudas. The scientist then uses the hypno-wheel to brainwash his seven captives into robbing banks and jewelry stores, with each thrall carrying an explosive device they've been programmed to detonate if their demands are not met. The first victim blows himself up before New Yorkers wise up to the threat and begin offering no resistance. Jim catches Gwen robbing a jewelry store and tails her to the mine, where the six remaining thralls are ordered to blow themselves up. The Spectre manages to break them free of the mind control before hypnotizing the scientist into stepping into one of his own deadly traps.