Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga

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Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga is an Indian fantasy television series based on the Arabian Nights character Aladdin. The series premiered on 21 August 2018 on Sony SAB. Aladdin is a young boy who falls in love with Princess Yasmine. His life changes after he finds a magical lamp which has a genie inside. Siddharth Nigam stars as Aladdin and Avneet Kaur/Ashi Singh as Princess Yasmine. Raashul Tandon stars as the Genie of the Lamp. The series ended on 5 February 2021.

Episode 36[edit | edit source]

Jafar calls his twin brother Zafar to help him get Princess Yasmine as his wife, Zafar shows his powers by hypnotizing Princess Yasmine's handmaid, Piddy.

Episode 37[edit | edit source]

Zafar commands the hypnotized girl to walk in a very dangerous place in which she could die if she falls.

Episode 38[edit | edit source]

Yasmine is hypnotized by Zafar and he makes her walk into roses with spines

Episode 39[edit | edit source]

Aladdin tries to save Yasmine, but she isn't her usual self and Genie is also hypnotized by Zafar, What can Aladdin do to get out of this situation?

Episode 40[edit | edit source]

Zafar still has control over Yasmine and tries to do the final spell to make Yasmine his slave forever.

Episode 41[edit | edit source]

Aladdin tries to break the medallion in order to free Yasmine from the trance.

Episode 42[edit | edit source]

Aladdin saves Yasmine, but she still have some effects from the trance and faints.

Episode 43[edit | edit source]

Yasmine still have some effects of the trance and is very dizzy, but she finally wakes up in this episode, although she doesn't remember that Aladdin save her or the conversation that they have the last episode, but she remembers that someone hypnotize her, and then wake up in the shop where Aladdin and Genie works, Genie explains all the situation to her.