Aliens in the Family

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Aliens in the Family was a 1996 American television series about an alien (Margaret Trigg) who falls in love with her human abductee (John Bedford Lloyd), and decides to marry him and settle on Earth with a mixed family of alien and human children.

Dissected and Neglected (Season 1, Episode 7)[edit | edit source]

When Doug (Lloyd) brings his boss Carl to the house to meet Cookie (Trigg), she realizes that Carl's wife Holly is the same woman that she abducted and mind-probed years before. Cookie's reaction causes tension between Holly and Carl, so Doug asks baby Bobut (David Rudman) to use his mind-control ray to hypnotize Holly into loving Carl. Bobut mistakenly zaps Carl's maid (Julie Griffith) instead. Later, she marries Carl, while Holly becomes famous for writing a book about her abduction.