All My Children

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All My Children was a 1970 - 2011 American soap opera that aired on the ABC television network. Set in the fictional eastern U.S. town of Pine Valley, it was notable for being one of the first American soap operas to incorporate current social issues into its storylines. Noted soap star Susan Lucci played the role of Erika Kane for the entire 41-year run of the series.

Silver Kane (1987-1988)[edit | edit source]

Right after dealing with an imposter pretending to be Erika Kane's long-lost sister Silver Kane, the real Silver (Rosalind Alen) shows up in Pine Valley with amnesia, calling herself Noelle. The two eventually deduce Silver's true identity and take a trip to Canada to meet Silver's mother Goldie (Louise Shaffer). What Erika doesn't realize is that she's being led into a trap set by Goldie and Dr. Lazarre, who plan to hypnotize Silver into murdering her sister.