Alpha Flight

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Alpha Flight is a long-running American comic book series about a team of Canadian superheroes, first published by Marvel Comics in 1983. The series was relaunched in 1997, 2004, and 2011.

Mesmerized (Volume 2, Number 4)[edit | edit source]

At a diner, Sunfire and the junior members of Alpha Flight (Murmur, Flex, and Radius) encounter the diner's owner, who happens to be the villain Mesmero. He places them under his control after a brief fight. Later, the senior members (Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, and Puck) arrive and find the four brainwashed heroes under Mesmero's control and working at the diner. Another fight erupts between the junior and senior members. Vindicator manages to free Murmur before being hypnotized by Mesmero. As the fight progresses, Murmur frees Flex, Radius, and Sunfire while Mesmero hypnotizes Guardian, Sasquatch, and Puck.

At the Mercy of Mesmero (Volume 2, Number 5)[edit | edit source]

An amused Mesmero watches at the members of Alpha Flight battle each other, while the other hypnotized customers engage in a messy food fight. Murmur eventually frees all of them from Mesmero's control. Mesmero explains that this was merely a test of his powers, before vanishing in front of a confused Alpha Flight (and some very, very confused customers).

The Weapon X Files (Volume 2, Number 8)[edit | edit source]

The team members are spooked by the appearance of a weird pink blob that seems to be chasing them. Unbeknownst to them, the blob's purpose is to kidnap them and transport them one-by-one to a secret lab, where they are brainwashed into forgetting the events of their previous mission.