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Alphas is an 2011-2012 American science fiction dramatic television series that aired on the SyFy cable network. The series follows five people, known as "Alphas", led by noted neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn), as they investigate criminal cases involving other suspected Alphas. The series Co-stars Warren Christie, Azita Ghanizada and Laura Mennell.

Pilot ( Season 1, Episode 1 )[edit | edit source]

The team is sent to investigate the murder of a CIA witness They discover that the shooter is being controlled by an Alpha.

Anger Management ( Season 1, Episode 3 )[edit | edit source]

A teenage Alpha named Matthew causes a riot in the city by releasing pheromones that make people emotionally volatile

A Short Time in Paradise ( Season 1, Episode 8 )[edit | edit source]

Hicks and Nina are entranced by a cult leader named Jonas whose powers allows him to simulate a feeling of peace and joy in his victims, Bill attempts to save them but ends up entranced as well

When Push Comes to Shove (Season 2, Episode 4)[edit | edit source]

While investigating a string of crimes, the team realizes that they are looking for Nina Theroux (Laura Mennell), who had gone AWOL, and try to stop her before she hurts herself. Rachel Pirzad (Azita Ghanizada) and Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie) are checking Nina's favorite club Rachel catches the odor of Nina's perfume and they split up to find their former teammate. As Rachel finds Nina, Tommy hits on her. Nina says that she doesn't want to see Rosen and tells her to leave before she gets hurt. Tommy knows all about Rachel's ability and Nina tells her to enjoy what makes her special. She then uses her ability to make Rachel kiss her and she does. Hicks spots them and pulls Rachel away, shoving Tommy aside when he tries to intervene. Rachel continues kissing Nina until Nina tells her to stop and then she asks Hicks to release Tommy. He says that he used to be the same way and now he just enjoys the ride. Hicks realizes that Nina robbed the bank and she tells him that he never understood her. Tommy tells Hicks that Nina doesn't need his help. The next thing that Hicks knows, he's carrying Rachel out of the club following Nina's last command.

Gods and Monster (Season 2, Episode 7)[edit | edit source]

When Jason Miller (Connor Price) takes control of his high school students, Rosen tries to stop him but discovers that he must team up with Stanton Parish to stop the teenager before his victims die. t a senior dance, junior Jason Miller comes in and approaches one of the girls, Lisa (Allie MacDonald), while the other ones look at him in disgust. Jason suggests that they hang out alone but Lisa says that she has a boyfriend, Cody (Tiago Abreu). He comes over and offers to take Jason out. Once the two of them are alone, Cody tells Jason to get lost but Jason uses his ability and orders Cody to stop. When Cody comes back in a few minutes later, he tells Lisa that she should date Jason. Another girl agrees, saying Jason is cool, and they take Lisa outside. There are several other seniors there and they all tell Lisa to talk to Jason. One of Cody's friends walks through a glass door, unfeeling, and tells Lisa that Jason is cool. Jason comes over and uses his ability. Jason and his controlled victims are having a party at one of their houses. Jason is in the bedroom with Lisa and he orders her to remove her clothing. She starts to do so but Jason says that he wants her to want to do so. When she merely echoes his words, he sits down and apologizes.