Alyas Robin Hood (TV Series 2016)

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Alyas Robin Hood (lit. Alias Robin Hood) is a Philippine drama-action series broadcast by GMA Network starring Dingdong Dantes, Megan Young and Andrea Torres.

After being estranged from his family for some years, Pepe de Jesus returns home to make ammends with his parents, Jose de Jesus and Judy de Jesus. Pepe grew up someone who tends to start fights much to the dismay of his father who hates conflicts. He revealed to his family that he has changed his ways and is becoming a lawyer soon and was welcomed by his family including his father who was initially unhappy of his return. Pepe also gets to know a girl named Sarri Acosta.

All seems well for the De Jesus family until Pepe found his father dead apparently murdered by his own arrow which Pepe owned sinced he was a teenager. He seeks who was behind for the murder but he was blamed for the death of his own father and was convicted of a crime he didn't commit. While in transit to his prison, the vehicle carying Pepe was bombed and Pepe along with the vehicle fell from a bridge. He was later found by Venus, who taught him martial arts.

Everyone thought that Pepe is dead. Armed with a bow and arrow made by his best friend, Jekjek, Pepe takes advantage of the situation to find who really was behind the murder of his father under a secret identity. He will also have the opportunity to thwart the illegal operations of those he suspects to be behind his father's murders and the money earned from these illegal operations are redistributed to the people in need which caused him to be known as "Alyas Robin Hood", an alter ego he adopts while he clears his own name.

Mind Change (Season 1, Episode 78)[edit | edit source]

Jorel "The Llama" (Michael Flores) hypnotizes Venus (Andrea Torres) and places her under his control.

Pepe Meets Romulo (Season 1, Episode 79)[edit | edit source]

Venus is under mind control. Meanwhile, The Llama hypnotizes Sarri (Megan Young) into falling in love with Dean (Sid Lucero).

Forgiveness (Season 1, Episode 80)[edit | edit source]

The hypnotized Venus becomes the pawn of crime boss Wilson Chen (Dennis Padilla)

Pepe Versus Venus (Season 1, Episode 86)[edit | edit source]

Venus is programmed to kill Pepe (Dingdong Dantes)

Changing Venus (Season 1, Episode 88)[edit | edit source]

Venus tells Chino (Anthony Falcon) and The Llama about her failute to kill Pepe. The Llama deepens her trance and gives her a new trigger phrase.

Revelation By Maggie (Season 1, Episode 92)[edit | edit source]

Pepe Returns (Season 1, Episode 93)[edit | edit source]

Frida (Antonette Garcia) has figured out the phrase that puts Venus into a trance ("Tong Tong Tong Pakitong-Kitong," a Tagalog children's song) and uses it on her.

Junjun (Luri Vincent Nalus) also knows the trigger phrase and uses it to put Venus into a trance. He orders her to kiss him, but it interrupted by an angry Frida.

Big Bursts (Season 1, Episode 94)[edit | edit source]

True Colors (Season 1, Episode 96)[edit | edit source]

Pepe and Venus confront Julian (Dave Bornea) and The Llama. Venus is still under The Llama's control and turns on Pepe.