Amor Mío (2006)

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Amor Mío was a 2006-2008 Mexican comedy and telenovela that aired on the Canal de las Estrellas television network. It was based on the 2005 Argentine telenovela of the same name, and starred Vanessa Guzman and Raul Araiza as Abril and Marcos, who are forced to share an apartment together in spite of the fact that they are polar opposites of one another.

El Hipnotista (Season 1, Episode 73)[edit | edit source]

Abril and Marcos are dragged into volunteering for Mr. Mesmer (Jorge Martinez), a hypnotist. As a gag, he makes them fall in love, but the suggestions seem to stick with them even after the show, leading to some awkward moments. Meanwhile, Maggie (Rosa Maria Bianchi) convinces Mr. Mesmer to make Andres (Manuel Ibanez) fall in love with her.