Ana Antar

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Ana Antar (AKA I Am Antar) is a 1966 Lebanese-Egyptian comedy-musical about two private investigators (Nihad Quali and Doreid Lahham) who investigate a series of jewelry thefts. It was one of more than twenty films starring the popular Syrian comedy duo of "Doreid and Nihad," who also wrote the film's screenplay. The film also spoofs then-current "secret agent" craze by outfitting the protagonists with a series of elaborate weapons, gadgets, and booby traps.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

A series of jewel robberies leads insurance investigator Hosni (Quali) to team up with private investigator and James Bond wannabe Antar (Lahham) and Anbar's girlfriend Salwah (Hala El Shawarby) to find out who is costing the insurance company so much money. The case leads them to a nightclub and the beautiful singer Halo (Randa), who is being hypnotized by her therapist Dr Sabri (Shafiq Hashim) into robbing the homes of wealthy nightclub patrons for him.