Ancient Love Poetry

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"Eternal Love Poetry" (Original title: 千古玦尘), is a 2021 Chinese fairy tale fantasy drama, adapted from the ancient fairy tale novel "Ancient" written by Xingling, produced by Penguin Films, Ningmeng Films, Ningmeng Yuexin Co-produced, starring Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai. It tells the love story between the gods of the Realm of Gods, Shang Gu, and the true god Bai Jue, who have lived and died many times, and are still deeply in love. It was exclusively streamed on Tencent Video on June 17, 2021.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Shang Gu is the head of the four real immortals in the ancient world and the only one with pure essence energy. Because of a trial 60,000 years ago, she chose to sacrifice herself and fell into a deep sleep. She returns with another identity - Qingchi Palace's High Immortal. Despite being a high immortal, her powers are weak. Along with the loss of her former identity and powers, she also loses her memories. However, her former lover Bai Jue never forgot about her. He was the one who willingly sacrificed his reincarnation for her eternal life, and who waited for her for 60,000 years. When his soul dissipated, she vows to wait for him forever.

Episode 43[edit | edit source]

For the sake of Yuan Qi's safety, Bai Jue let Yuan Qi stay with Tian Qi at Qingchi Palace. In the blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed and Tian Qi has become a little boy. After 60,000 years, Shang Gu woke up, but his memory remained in Jiuyou. Yuan Qi asks Tian Qi for a weapon; Tian Qi worships Yuan Qi, but does not give him guarantees on this matter. Wu Huan has been absorbing evil spirits for a hundred years now, and her magic power has greatly increased. Feng still collects evil spirits for Wu Huan, but after a hundred years, many female phoenixes from the Feng clan have come out of their shells. But when Feng tries to leave to join her clan, Wu Huan uses her newfound powers to enslave Feng's mind.