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The Three Musketeers Anime (アニメ三銃士 Anime San Jūshi) is a 1987 Japanese animated television series based on the d'Artagnan Romances written by Alexandre Dumas.

The year is 1625. The young D'Artagnan arrives in Paris at the tender age of 18, and almost immediately offends three musketeers, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos. Instead of dueling, the four are attacked by five of the Cardinal's guards, and the courage of the youth is made apparent during the battle. The four become fast friends and embark upon an adventure that takes them across both France and England in order to thwart the plans of the Cardinal Richelieu. Along the way, they encounter a beautiful young spy, named simply Milady, who will stop at nothing to disgrace Queen Anne of Austria before her husband, Louis XIII, and take her revenge upon the four friends.

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Leaving for England (Episode 14)[edit | edit source]

Milady hypnotize M. Bonnacieu, she makes him tell her about D'Artagnan's meeting with Three Musketeers.

Dangerous Journey (Episode 15)[edit | edit source]

Milady hypnotize M. Bonnacieu, she orders him to spy on D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers.

A crazy ride (Episode 16)[edit | edit source]

Milady comes to M. Bonnacieu's home to pick up a dress he made for her, and check if he has more information for her about D'Artagnan. she send him eavesdroping on his daughter for information about D'Artagnan while she is trying her new dress.

Hurry Up! D`Artagnan (Episode 18)[edit | edit source]

D`Artagnan is being pursued by agents of cardinal de Richelieu, in order to get rid of them he fakes his death, Milady is not easily fooled however, she visit his grave and orders the locale priest to dig up his body, the priest naturally refuses, Milady hypnotizes him to make him cooperate.

Escape from London Tower (Episode 23)[edit | edit source]

Milady drug a woman with a perfume then brainwash her to make her steal the queen's necklace.

Aramis` Secret (Episode 45)[edit | edit source]

Milady hypnotize the king to make him signe an execution warrant against his brother Louis.