Arc the Lad

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Arc the Lad (アークザラッド Ākuzaraddo) is a series of role-playing video games that were released for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. An anime adaptation was produced by Bee Train and directed by Itsuro Kawasaki.

The story follows the story of Arc the Lad II, the second game in the video game series. The world is also similar to the game, full of technology, but with magic and beasts as well. An evil corporation secretly controls this world and produces powerful monster (sometimes human) creations called chimera.

Quickening of the Darkness (Episode 24)[edit | edit source]

The enemy decides to use Liza's latent powers for their own purposes, and captures her. Arc and his friends fight their way into enemy territory to try and rescue her, but it's been a trap all along. Liza has been hypnotized to stab her friend and escape with her new master, Clive. Clive uses Liza's powers to open a seal that will unleash darkness upon the world, you know the whole megalomania trip. She obeys his every order without question.