Atlantis: Milo's Return

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Atlantis: Milo's Return is a 2003 Direct-to-video animated film by Disney. It is a follow-up to the film Atlantis, and is composed of three episodes intended for a TV spin-off loosely linked together with new animation. The film revolves around Milo and Kida teaming up with the crew from the movie to investigate and contain potentially dangerous artifacts.

In the first segment of the film, the crew investigates a Lovecraftian cursed village ruled with an iron fist by an oppresive patriarch and an enormous tentacled beast called the kraken. It's revealed that the kraken has mental powers when it entrances Audrey Ramierz and forces her to offer herself to the beast. She later describes the experience as being "like drowning". It's revealed that the kraken has most of the town under its sway. Later, when the crew attempts to attack the kraken in its lair, it takes control of crewmate Vinnie and has him attack the team.