Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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MILO[MICHAEL J FOX discovers his uncles journals about the lost continent of ATLANTIS. He sets out to find it as COLONEL LYLE ROURKE [JAMES GARNER] leads the expedition. The find it and a girl named KIDA [CREE SUMMER] who takes them to her father the king [LEONARD NIMOY] who tells them to leave but KIDA is intrigued as both her and MILO want to find the truth and they discover the HEART OF ATLANTIS under the throne. Meanwhile ROURKE attacks the king mortally wounding him as MILO watches KIDA become entranced by the heart merging into one being. ROURKE boxes her up to take to  the surface as the king dying explains to MILO that 9000 years ago he tried to use it as a weapon only to see his wife absorbed by the heart and he tells him to stop ROURKE .MILO takes on ROURKE defeating him then rescuing KIDA who is returned to normal then watch as the heart saves ATLANTIS from a volcano. MILO elects to stay to help KIDA now the queen restore ATLANTIS to its former glory.