Atomic Betty

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Atomic Betty is a Canadian animated series produced by Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids. Betty is a typical adolescent who enjoys school, science-fiction movies and singing in her band, living in Moose Jaw Heights (a suburb of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan). Unknown to most of her friends and family, however, she is also a Galactic Guardian, dedicated to interstellar peackeeping and law enforcement. As Atomic Betty, assisted by her pilot Sparky, and a robot named X-5, she confronts the evil overlord Maximus I.Q. and other intergalactic supervillains.

"Max Land"[edit | edit source]

Maximus opens a theme park and soon uses a crystal ball to hypnotize the park inhabitants to by merchandise based on him. Betty is at first hypnotized but brings herself out of it.

Betty Hypnotized.png

"Love Bites"[edit | edit source]

Maximus infects Betty with a love bug, and she instantly falls in love with Minimus. The bug's hitch a ride back to Earth, and the whole town erupts in Valentine's Day madness!

"Crimes of Fashion"[edit | edit source]

A villain named Bombshell uses clothing made with 'hypnotic threads' to conquer Earth. Betty is hypnotized by Bombshell firing hypno-rockets at her ship, giving her spinning spiral eyes. Much like what happened in 'Max-Land' though, she had enough will-power to bring herself out of the hypnosis.

"The Cheerleaders of Doom"[edit | edit source]

The Betty clones have gained the ability to hypnotize people through cheerleading.