Batman/Daredevil: Kings Of New York

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Batman/Daredevil: King of New York is a crossover graphic novel published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics in 2000, written by Alan Grant, with art by Eduardo Barreto. It was a sequel to Daredevil/Batman: Eye for an Eye.

Plot[edit | edit source]

What threat could force the Kingpin to work with his sworn foe? None other than Gotham City's master of fear: the Scarecrow! Written by Alan Grant (BATMAN: THE SCOTTISH CONNECTION), with art and cover by Eduardo Barreto (BATMAN: MASTER OF THE FUTURE), BATMAN/DAREDEVIL opens with a seemingly simple heist engineered by the Catwoman - a robbery that gives the Kingpin the weapon he needs to spread fear and anarchy throughout New York, with just a little help from the Scarecrow. But when the Scarecrow double-crosses the Kingpin, threatening his reign over the Big Apple's underworld, the crimelord has no choice but to join forces with Daredevil and Batman as they fight to save the city from slipping into fear-induced madness. But what terrors must all three men overcome to defeat a foe who can instill fear in anyone - even the Man Without Fear?

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