Batman: The Adventures Continue

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Batman: The Adventures Continue is an American comic book title published by DC Comics and set in the DC Animated Universe continuity. Drawn in the same style as Batman: The Animated Series and other DC animated series, it serves as a sequel of sorts to the 1997 - 2000 animated series The New Batman/Superman Adventures. Two "seasons" of seven issues each were published in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Mayor Mayhem (Season 2, Issues 5-7)[edit | edit source]

Emerson Mayhem, the crooked, former mayor of Gotham, relaunches his political career with another run for mayor, claiming that he has reformed himself. Although his early campaign rallies are met with jeers and boos, he rises steadily in the polls. His secret weapon is a scepter, created by the Mad Hatter, that brainwashes people into supporting him. When Barbara, undercover at Mayhem campaign HQ, is captured, Jervis and Mayhem program her to make a tearful "confession" that slanders Mayhem's election opponent, ruining his reputation on the eve of the election.

Mayhem sends Clayface to attack Batman and keep him out of the way, but this backfires when Batman tracks Clayface back to Arkham Asylum and finds the staff there have all been hypnotized into not noticing Clayface's escapes. It's not long before Batman and Robin identify the Hatter as their suspect and link him to Mayhem.

The Dynamic Duo stop Mayhem from forcing Barbara to kill herself, and capture the Mad Hatter, but they are too late to reveal Mayhem's treachery to the public before the election ends. In a twist ending, Mayhem still loses the election- quite badly- in spite of the mind control. He's just that unpopular.