Batman: The Brave and The Bold

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold is an American animated television series based in part on the DC Comics series The Brave and the Bold. The series had Batman teaming up with different superheroes in the DC Universe to solve crimes and/or fight villains. The series aired on Cartoon Network in the US from 2008 to 2011.

The Eyes of Despero (Season 1, Episode 10)[edit | edit source]

Despero, an alien conqueror, comes to the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps with the aim of controlling the Corps as his fighting force. The Corps tries to fight Despero, but he uses his third eye to bring all of the Corps except Hal Jordan under his control. Despero sends the Corps after Hal; Hal uses his power ring to seal himself and the Corps away from Despero and sends the ring to Batman. Batman finds the surviving Green Lanterns--Guy Gardner, G'nort and Sinestro--and has them help him fight Despero. Despero transforms the living planet Mogo into his likeness and uses the planet to control an planet of aliens and then sets off to control Earth. Batman and the remaining Green Lanterns do battle with Batman's unbreakable will freeing Hal and the other Green Lanterns to defeat Despero.

Mayhem of the Music Meister (Season 1, Episode 25)[edit | edit source]

The Music Meister enters in a fight between heroes and villain and with his singing brings them all under his control. They help him to fit a satellite that will broadcast his hypnotic music around the world. Batman sees the situation and tries to stop the Music Meister, but must save the heroes and villains from dancing into the rocket engine's thrust. Batman pursues the Music Meister through Gotham, with more people coming under his control. Finally, Batman and Black Canary fight the Music Meister as his song hypnotizes people around the world. Canary loses her earplugs and comes under the Meister's control. Batman has Black Canary sing her sonic scream into the Meister's microphone which destroys the satellite and the broadcast equipment. 

The Starro Prequel[edit | edit source]

Before The Invasion of Starro (Season 2, Episodes 13-14), the series has vignettes at the start of three episodes (Revenge of the Reach (S2, E3), Clash of the Metal Men (S2, E7), and The Power of Shazam! (S2, E10)) that set up the Invasion of Starro by showing Starro taking control of various heroes.

The Siege of Starro (Season 2, Episodes 11-12)[edit | edit source]

After helping Booster Gold in the future, Batman continues tracing a signal and meteor crashes; Booster knows that something big is supposed to happen but can't remember what. The Faceless Hunter appears and attacks Batman, explaining that the signal is a beacon to Starro. Batman and Booster are able to force the Hunter to retreat, but the controlled heroes begin to bring ordinary people under Starro's control by planting Starro clones on them. Batman sends out a signal to any heroes not under Starro's control, which responded by Firestorm, Captain Marvel, and B'wana Beast. The five try to take out the signal to Starro, fighting their way through controlled heroes. B'wana finds his lover Vixen is controlled by Starro but is able to knock her out. By the time Batman is able to get to the satellite, the Faceless Hunter announces it has served its purpose and destroys the satellite. The heroes head underground under the cover of a smoke grenade and go to STAR Labs.

Starro speaks to the heroes through Vixen telling them what he has done before and how he is coming to Earth. Starro then arrives and begins to feed upon the energy of people without a Starro Clone. The heroes attack Starro but the alien flings them off. After Firestorm, Captain Marvel, and Booster are knocked into the tunnels below the city, they decide to get the people out of the stadium by going in the non-hero ordinary attire; meanwhile, Batman and B'wana fight the Faceless Hunter and learn that the Hunter made a deal to be Starro's herald to save his own planet. Firestorm and company realize that the Starro Clones are a type of battery holding energy and overloading them will allow them to be removed from people; Billy Batson, when he says "Shazam!" to transform into Captain Marvel, strikes Starro with the electricity, which prompts him to say the word enough times to defeat Starro. Meanwhile, the Hunter captures B'wana for his ability to fuse animals together as a way to use the defeated Starro to serve his own purposes.

While people are having the Starro clones removed, Captain Marvel finds Aquaman, who is still under Starro's control and announcing that Starro can return if one clone survives. The heroes beat Aquaman into the bay and Batman shocks the water under Aquaman, allowing the Starro clone to be removed. The Faceless Hunter uses B'wana Beast to make the Starro clones merge into a gigantic monster. The heroes fight the beast, while Batman goes to the Hunter's ship to free B'wana and Booster goes to get the Metal Men, the only heroes about to not have their energy drained. Doc Magnus, the creator of the Metal Men, is found to have a Starro clone controlling him and reprogrammed the Metal Men to serve Starro. Booster has Skeets, his android partner, disable the programming and the Metal Men fight the Starro monster; Batman fights the Faceless Hunter, eventually trapping him in one of his force fields. He frees B'wana Beast, who informs Batman that he can control the Starro monster if he gets close. Batman moves the ship into the sky and B'wana uses the last bit of his energy to stop the monster and then disappears. The heroes hold a memorial for B'wana for his sacrifice.

Shadow of the Bat (Season 3, Episode 3)[edit | edit source]

Batman helps Jason Blood, the human form of the demon Etrigan, stop Dala, a vampire. During the fight, Batman is bitten by Dala and returns to the Batcave. When he emerges to fight Black Mask, Batman is taking on vampiric traits in his postures and ends up feeding upon Black Mask after knocking his henchmen unconscious. Batman feeds upon Alfred, who comes into the cave to check on Batman. Batman tries to fight the vampire urges but instead decides to give in and start feeding upon the Justice League. He assembles 6 heroes (Aquaman, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, and the Martian Manhunter) to the Watchtower, and, in homage to Dracula, begins to stalk them as prey. He separates Aquaman from the Martain Manhunter, hypnotizes Aquaman and then feeds on him. He then defeats Fire and Ice and feeds upon them. Blue Beetle falls under Batman's hypnosis and is fed upon while Batman stalks Booster Gold. Booster tries to hold Batman off with his light power but Batman emerges as a mist under Booster's feer and feeds upon him. The Martian Manhunter puts up a fight and knocks Batman down, but is stopped by the members of the Justice League who are now Batman's vampire servants. The Martian Manhunter is saved from the vampire Justice League by Etrigan, but the two are pursued by Batman and his servants. While Batman fights Etrigan, the vampire Justice League begin to tear the Martian Manhunter apart, which allows him to reform by the guidance controls and move the Watchtower towards the sun. The sun burns the vampire contagion out Batman and the Justice League.