Batman (Comic Book)

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Batman is a long-running American comic book series featuring the eponymous crime-fighter superhero. First published in 1940, Batman ran for over 700 issues before being relaunched in 2011 as part of DC Comics "The New 52" continuity reboot. Now in its third volume, Batman, along with fellow DC stalwarts Action Comics and Detective Comics, remains one of the longest continually-published comic books in the United States.

"One Hat Madder!" (Volume 1, Issue 378)[edit | edit source]

The Mad Hatter decides to start stealing from other criminals, and sets his sights on the 'Nightmares, Inc.' gang and its leader, Natalia Knight/Nocturna. He delivers one of his trademark mind-controlling hats to her doorstep and then activates it when she puts it on, placing her into a mindless trance. The Hatter intends to download all of Nocturna's memories and knowledge into his computer, unaware that she knows the true identities of Batman and Robin. When the Dynamic Duo intervene, the Hatter programs Nocturna to attack Batman. Robin catches him fleeing the building and is able to turn off the hat (and, rather accidentally, preventing the Mad Hatter from learning his real name).

"All the Rage" (Batman Annual #28)[edit | edit source]

Renee Montoya, still struggling with the fallout of receiving the Mark of Cain from Vandal Savage, travels to France to help Batman Inc. infiltrate and destroy a terrorist cult called Golden Portal. Renee deliberately allows the cult's leader, a siren named Korrigan, to hypnotize and brainwash her into betraying the Batmen. It's all part of a larger plan that allows Batman Inc. and Nightrunner to capture and arrest Korrigan. The cult leader orders Renee to kill herself, but she uses the mental discipline techniques she's learned after receiving the Mark of Cain to break herself free of Korrigan's brainwashing.