Batman (Serial)

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Batman is a 1943 movie serial about the crime-fighting detective Batman and his young sidekick Robin. Filmed just four years after the debut of the Batman character in the comic book series Detective Comics, it was the first of many big (and small) screen depictions of the "Dark Knight." Shown during the middle of World War II, the serial followed Batman and Robin's efforts to smash a Japanese spy ring. The serial starred Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft, J. Carroll Naish, and Shirley Patterson.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

At the height of the war between the United States and Japan, Batman (Wilson) and Robin (Croft) become secret agents working for the U.S. Government. They become aware of a ring of spies and saboteurs led by Dr. Tito Daka (Naish), who is plotting to steal Gotham City's supply of radium to power his powerful disintigration raygun. Dr. Daka has also invented an electronic brain implant that allows him to control the minds of others. One of his victims is Batman's girlfriend Linda Page (Patterson).