Batman Black and White

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Batman Black and White refers both to a four-issue comic book limited series published in 1996 by DC Comics, and three collections of 8-page black-and-white Batman stories, comprising the limited series and backup features from the Batman: Gotham Knights comic.

"The Bet"[edit | edit source]

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, incarcerated in adjoining cells in Arkham Asylum, challenge each other to a friendly one-dollar wager: which of them can get a kiss from every man in the building first? The competition starts with each kissing a passing guard, who Ivy infects with her pheromones; as the guard wanders the building, every man who smells the chemicals is entranced, and lines up outside of Ivy's cell for a kiss. Things look grim for Harley, and she becomes hysterical when the Joker enters, seemingly under Ivy's spell; however, as the Clown Prince of Crime kisses the eco-terrorist, he murmurs under his breath about how much he loves Harley. Ivy decides that Harley has won the bet, and pays her a dollar--which Harley quickly gives, along with her own cash, to The Ventriloquist, the real power behind Joker's sweet nothings.