Battle Hawk (1976)

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Battle Hawk (バトルホーク, Batoru Hōku) is a 1976 Tokusatsu series created by manga writers Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa from their studio Dynamic Productions. It was their first tokusatsu production followed by Azteckaiser which aired 3 days later.
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Story[edit | edit source]

The Global Terrorist Syndicate “Kyoki No Tou” (Commandments of The Demon) begins to layout its plans for global terror. As part of their plans they assassinate the Martial Arts Master Tate Tetsushu, who had opposed them in the past. Before Tate Tetsushu dies, he informs his grandchildren Shogo, Daijiro and Yurika of the their secret powers. Using the golden Tomahawks that Tate Tetsushu gave them years before, the three siblings call forth the American Indian Spirit “God Hawk” and become the heroes of legend, “Battle Hawk”, “Big Hawk” and “Queen Hawk”. Using their newfound powers and weaponry they wage war against the maniacs and killers of “Kyoki No Tou”.

Koki Daijin Korosu!” (Kill Koki Daijin) ( Episode 10 )[edit | edit source]

Yojyutsushi Byako Doushi No Chosen” (Warlock Byako Doushi’s Challenge) – Dokuro Ken (Episode 11 )[edit | edit source]