Battle Suit Girls

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In Octoville, a city, built on the edge of reality, everything can happens, and monsters are real. Not very popular, they decided to create a team of sexy monster girls who can use their special abilities to help people and fight crimes.  Let’s hope these girls can help monsters being more popular to humans…Well, at least, they can try…

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The Hypno-Ray[edit | edit source]

Three of the Battle Suit girls go on a mission to find and destroy a mysterious machine capable of hypnotizing most people into mindless obedient drones. But while trying to be stealthy a situation with one getting stuck in the vents due to her large breast occurs that results in them causing a ruckus. Now having gotten the attention of the villains The Battle Suit Girls find the Hypno-Ray but is being used against them. While fighting Alice is hit by the ray and is hypnotized. Now Completely under hypnosis and completely unable to resist the hypnotist's commands she fights her teammates.