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Batwoman (Volume 2) is the first solo series featuring the character of Batwoman in a permanent leading role. She previously appeared in 52 and temporarily headlined Detective Comics in her starring role in issues 854-863, and had a zero that shipped on November 24th, 2010.

The first issue was solicited for spring 2011, but after being delayed, the series started up again as part of the relaunched post-Flashpoint DC Universe under The New 52 branding in September of 2011.

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Issue # 34[edit | edit source]

Batwoman is now facing three costumed villains at once in Night-Thief, Killshot, and Nocturna. The former two seem to be at odds with each other. Unsure of how to handle it, she attacks Killshot, allowing Night-Thief to warn Nocturna away. Nocturna, however, finds the fluidity of Batwoman's fighting style very alluring, and lingers. Batwoman turns her attention to them, but Killshot manages to get up and yank the mask from her face. Struggling to hide her face, Kate fails to get the mask back on without letting Nocturna sneak a peek. In her efforts to get it back on, she is too slow to prevent Killshot from taking aim at Nocturna, and Night-Thief leaps in the line of fire, falling over the edge of the roof they are on. While Nocturna grabs him, she is yanked over the side as well, and both plummet into the harbour. Fortunately, taking Killshot down on his own is an easy task.

Sadly, Kate decides to move out of her shared apartment with Maggie Sawyer, but fails to get out without running into her fiancée in the hall. Maggie has the good news that her ex-husband Jay has dropped the custody case. Kate muses that James must have lived up to his side of their deal - now it is her turn. Kate excuses herself, unwilling to be completely honest with Maggie in person, hoping to let the note she left in their apartment speak for her. Kate is long gone by the time Maggie finds the note.

The note explains that Kate needs a break for Jamie's sake. The custody battle had accelerated because of her negative influence, and it forced Maggie to choose between her lover and her daughter unfairly. Kate goes on to say that as someone who grew up without a mother, she knows that it will be important for Jamie to have Maggie in her life right now. So, to show Maggie just how much she loves her - and she hopes that a few years will go by like nothing.

Afterward, Kate visits her therapist. Dr. Huss questions her decision not to tell Maggie that she'd made a deal with Jay to stay out of Jamie and Maggie's life. If Maggie knew, she'd sue for custody herself, and end up spending all of her time in court instead of with her daughter. So this is for the best, she hopes.

That night, Nocturna spots Kate Kane on the front page of the Gotham Magazine, and immediately recognizes her as Batwoman. Kate, meanwhile, prepares for bed, and the emptiness that awaits her there. Lying there, she senses someone else's presence, and imagines that it might be Maggie, but it is Nocturna, and she manipulates Kate into letting her bite her neck.