BeastMaster (1999 TV Series)

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BeastMaster was a 1999-2002 Australian-Canadian syndicated action-adventure television series about a man named Dar (Daniel Goddard), who has the ability to befriend and communicate with animals. With the help of his friend Tao (Jackson Raine), Dar fights for justice and against the forces of the evil King Zad (Stephen Grives). The series was loosely based on the 1982 movie The Beastmaster; actor Marc Singer, who starred in the movie, reprised his role in several episodes of the TV series.

The Riddle Of The Nymph (Season 1, Episode 10)[edit | edit source]

The water nymph (Ada Nicodemou) responsible for producing water for the Fountain of Youth is kidnapped and turned into a mindless slave by a brutal Venatu warrior. Dar and Tao try to solve the riddle that keeps her enslaved.

Heart Like a Lion (Season 2, Episode 9)[edit | edit source]

Dar comes to the rescue when an evil tyrant named Arkon (Nicholas Eadie) takes over a small village and uses mind control to turn three women into his handmaidens.

Serpent's Kiss (Season 3, Episode 9)[edit | edit source]

Tao and Arina (Marjean Holden) have their souls stolen by a succubus (Inge Hornstra), turning them into her mindless slaves.