Beverly Hills Teens

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Beverly Hills Teens (AKA Beverly Hills Teen Club) was a 1987 American animated television series produced by DIC Entertainment. It followed the adventures of a stereotypical group of fabulously wealthy, beach-loving teenagers from Beverly Hills, California. The series produced 65 episodes in its one and only season. 

Potions of Love ( Season 1, Episode 23 )[edit | edit source]

Bianca persuades Chester into making a love potion in hopes of using it on Troy at the Teen Club's Valentine's Day Dance. Bianca accidentally gives the potion to Radley. Troy also takes the potion but falls in love with Larke. Bianca accidentally takes some of the potion herself and ends up falling for Chester.

Look Deep Into My Eyes (Season 1, Episode 37)[edit | edit source]

Boy genius Chester (Sean Roberge) invents a "hypnotic eye" mind control device, prompting Pierce (Stephen McKulkin) to use it to hypnotize the Teen Club members into electing him the Teen Club "King."

Unfortunately, the hypnosis wears off if the the victims get wet, so Pierce must keep the Teens out of the ocean, the pool, and the rain while he hypnotizes and romances the pretty Celeste.