Beyond (Singaporean TV series)

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Beyond (simplified Chinese: X元素) is a Singaporean Chinese drama which has been telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It stars Jeanette Aw, Pierre Png, Li Nanxing, Xiang Yun and Shaun Chen as the casts of the series. It made its debut on 24 Dec 2012. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm, it is a year end blockbuster for 2012.

The series is the sixth highest-rated drama serial in 2013, with an average viewership of 834,000.


Plot[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the realm of the unexplained, where things are not exactly what they seem and where one can get sucked into an alternative reality or a different dimension.

Jeanette Aw plays the protagonist gifted with the extraordinary ability to see a person as they are inside. Together with Li Nan Xing, who plays an eccentric private investigator in search of his missing fiancée, the duo brave challenges as they seek to unravel mysteries of the unknown dimensions.

The intriguing investigative drama also stars Pierre Png as the psychiatrist with charisma, Shaun Chen and Xiang Yun. Each case covers three to four thrilling episodes.

"A punk Guitarist VS A brokenhearted Vagrant (Episode 17)[edit | edit source]

Wenbin who was dressed as a rocker, and the rock band in the previous episode appears before Zhiqing. Wenbin asks her to choose between him and Jiang Wei. Zhiqing has no idea how to react. Wenbin flies into a rage, freezes her and Jiang Wei, and drags them to Jiang Wei's apartment. He discovered that he possesses a supernatural power that allows him to use music to control the people around him. Through his music, he glued Jiang Wei on his bed facing his mirror, and turns the mirror image of Jiang Wei into the vagabond of his inner world, before hypnotizing Zhiqing into a woman who loves him unreservedly. Wenbin held a mini concert for her and his parents. Later, he lashed out at his parents for crushing his dream and forcing him to do things he does not like. Even though Zhiqing now keeps saying she loves him, Wenbin realizes that Zhiqing’s words are like a robot, and he cannot feel any love from her. He surmises that she will be truly devoted to him if Jiang Wei is get ridden of. He uses his music to remove her hypnotism, but when Zhiqing calls him a demon, he hypnotizes her again. Cuiyan calls find Zhiqing but to no avail, and realized that Jiang Wei's door was left ajar. She finds Zhiqing's phone. When she enters his bedroom, she sees him as a vagabond who is talking backwards, and quickly calls Hanxiang. Jiang Wei turns up at the church and is reminded of the past. He does not retaliate when Guowei appears to kill him. Hanxiang turns up in time to scare Guowei away. Cuiyan gets frightened when Wenbin takes her to his house to witness his marriage. Zhiqing wakes up to find herself in Wenqian's room when she could not find Wenbin in her hypnotized state. She sees Wenqian morph as a normal person holding a trophy in her inner soul. She motioned for her to calm down. She tries to escape, but was stopped by one of Wenbin's men. Wenbin appears with the hypnotized Cuiyan and tells him off, Zhiqing pretend to get hypnotized. He told everyone, including Wenqian who was not hypnotized and busy reading her Yellow Pages, that they are about to marry. On their wedding day, Zhiqing brings Wenbin to see his reflection, but he remains to be cocky and does not return his body to him. He hypnotizes Zhiqing. At the church, the solemnized their love for each other. Cuiyan takes photos for them, Wenbin sees his own reflection and knocks Zhiqing out. Regaining her senses at the last minute, Zhiqing runs away. Meanwhile, Jiang Wei and Hanxiang went to the church. Jiang Wei had not bathed for days and smelt pungent. He blames himself for Meichen's disappearance. He grabs Hanxiang’s gun and tries to kill himself, when Zhiqing runs to them, pleading him not to leave her. As Wenbin grabs her, the vagabond, reminded of how Meichen went missing, suddenly breaks out of his character by speaking normally, and urges him to let go of her. He freezes all other people surrounding the two of them, while Jiang Wei resists it as he came out of the mirror as well. He controls the others to surround Jiang Wei, and drags her away in the backyard. Jiang Wei forced them away, bleeding their noses in the processes, and chases after them. Jiang Wei and Wenbin fight, and just as Wenbin escapes, they come across a mirror and Jiang Wei's body and inner soul swapped back positions...