Biker Mice from Mars

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Biker Mice from Mars was a 2006 animated British/American television series. It was a remake of the 1993-1996 series of the same name. The series centers around three humanoid, motorcycle-riding mice from the planet Mars who fight to protect Earth from the evil, cat-like Catatonians.

Manchurian Charley (Season 1, Episode 11)[edit | edit source]

The Catatonians hire the most famous and powerful hypnotist in the galaxy, Eyemore (voice of Jim Ward), to hypnotize mechanic Charlene "Charley" Davidson (voice of Lisa Zane) into sabotaging the Mice's motorcycles just before a challenging motorcross race. After that Eyemore use his powers on one of the mice to recover the money for damaging his suit, but the mice doesn't have money, so he tries to hypnotize Charley but gets hypnotized by his own power and Charley commands him to act like a chicken.