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Bionic Six is an American-Japanese animated television series that aired from 1987 to 1989. It was produced by TMS Entertainment and distributed, through first-run syndication, by MCA TV (the forerunner of NBCUniversal). Japanese animation director Osamu Dezaki was involved as chief supervising director, and his distinctive style (as seen in Golgo 13 and Cobra) is evident throughout all its episodes. The series is centered around a family of superheroes who all have been implanted with bionic technology.

The Hive (Episode 26/Season 2, Episode 4)[edit | edit source]

Miners in the Kalahari Desert have been disappearing, so Dr. Sharp sends the Bionic Six to investigate. Edward Tulley, mine manager, brings them to the mine. The Bionic Six do not realize that Tulley is actually on Dr. Scarab's payroll. The Bionic Six are knocked out and awaken to be surrounded by humans in insect armor who are lead by the Hive Leader; the Hive Leader reveals that she oversees a city with advanced technology prepared to continue on the human race when humanity has destroyed itself. All of the human drones have their emotions and thoughts controlled by a computer called the Hive Mind via the insect helmets they wear. The Bionic Six are brought to the Hive Mind, and fitted with helmets; all except Rock-1 come under the control of Hive Mind. Rock-1 tries to free her family but is stunned by the Hive Mind computer and almost put under the control of the Hive Mind until Scarab and his men attack. Rock-1 convinces the Hive Leader to release the other members of the Bionic Six to fight Scarab, but when this doesn't prove to be enough to drive Scarab and his men out, the Bionic Six convince the Hive Leader to shut down the Hive Mind and let all the people go free. The freed people overwhelm and Scarab and force him to withdraw.

Born to be Bad (Episode 30/Season 2, Episode 8)[edit | edit source]

At Albert Einstein High School, Charlie Wilder, a friend of J.D. Bennett (I.Q.), is awarded student of the year. However, his ceremony is interrupted by a gang called the Nukes. Charlie, who was once a Nuke, rejoins after his award is revoked. It is up to J.D. to stand up for his friend. When J.D. investigates, he finds out that Scarab is instigating a gang war between the Nukes and a rival gang, the Lasers. Scarab has his men undercover as leaders of the two gangs and has the gangs wear bracelets. The bracelets bring the gangs under Scarab's control and have his army of controlled gang members march in the city center; the Bionic Six break the control by projecting an illusion of the popular rock band, which engages the gang members in enjoying the music.

Love Note (Season 2, Episode 39)[edit | edit source]

Madame O steals a magical harp that, when played, enchants everyone who hears it. She places Scarab and his gang under her control. She then enslaves the entire city. When the Bionic Six arrive, they fall under her spell as well. Rock-1 is immune, but being all alone is quickly captured and imprisoned. Soon the entire world falls under Madame O's control. Rock-1 uses Scarab's newfound puppy love for Madame O to her advantage, tricking him into setting her free so that she can stop Madame O.