Bionic Woman

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The Bionic Woman is a 1976-1978 American action-adventure series that aired on the ABC and NBC television networks. A spinoff of the 1973-78 series The Six Million Dollar Man it starred Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, a tennis pro who is badly injured in a skydiving accident and saved by the same 'bionic' surgical implants used on Steve Austin (the Six Million Dollar Man). Jaime's bionic implants give her enhanced speed, strength, and hearing, which she uses while on secret agent missions for the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The series costarred Richard Anderson as Jaime's OSI boss Oscar Goldman, and Martin Brooks as bionics expert Rudy Wells.

Brain Wash (Season 3, Episode 8)[edit | edit source]

Oscar's secretary Peggy Callahan (Jennifer Darling) gushes about her new boyfriend John (Michael Callan) and his hair salon. Jaime goes to the hair salon with her, only to overhear Peggy spilling classified secrets to John. Oscar fires Peggy, who insists that she's innocent. A suspicious Jaime investigates the hair salon and discovers that John is mixing a hypnotic 'truth serum' compound into his shampoo to force his clients, all secretaries and wives of important government officials, to pass along all sorts of valuable secrets. Unfortunately for Jaime, John is able to use the shampoo on her, and under its influence, she tells him about her bionics.