Birds of Prey (2002 TV Series)

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Birds of Prey was a 2002-2003 American television series that followed the adventures of three superheroines as they fight crime in a Gotham City that has mysterious been abandoned by its traditional protector, Batman. The series starred Dina Meyer, Ashley Scott, Rachel Skarsten, and Mia Sara. The series was based on the DC comic book series of the same name .

Premiere (Season 1, Episode 1)[edit | edit source]

Criminal mastermind Larry Ketterly (Chris Ellis) uses drugs to put Helena/The Huntress (Scott) into a trance-like state; under his influence, she tries to kill herself with a knife, but Barbara/The Oracle (Meyer) manages to intervene.

Devil's Eyes (Season 1, Episode 13)[edit | edit source]

Respected psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Sara) finally reveals her true identity as Harley Quinn, the Joker's criminal sidekick, and sets about getting revenge on the city. Quinn uses a machine to transfer the hypnotic powers of another "metahuman" to herself and uses her new abilities to enslave the allies and loved ones of the Birds, then she hypnotize her patient Helena into stealing the access codes for the Clock Tower (the home base of the Birds). While the hypnotized Huntress is sent out to kill Barbara Gordon (Meyer) and Dinah Lance (Skarsten), Quinn plans to use the Tower's sophisticated equipment to hypnotize everyone in Gotham City.