Blood Sucking Freaks

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Blood Sucking Freaks is a 1976 exploitation-splatter film directed by Joel M. Reed and starring Seamus O'Brien, Luis De Jesus, Viju Krem, Niles McMaster, Dan Fauci, Alan Dellay, and Ernie Pysher. Shot under the title Sardu: Master of the Screaming Virgins, it was retitled The Incredible Torture Show during its original theatrical run.

Film distributor Troma Entertainment retitled the film Blood Sucking Freaks (sometimes spelled Bloodsucking Freaks) upon their acquisition of it in 1981. Troma initially made cuts in hopes of getting an R rating, but eventually released the version that had all of the most graphic scenes included and was labeled as an R-rated film despite having no such designation from the MPAA. The ratings group then sued Troma for copyright infringement in applying the R without permission; Troma then withdrew the R, and to date the MPAA has refused to give "Bloodsucking Freaks" a review at all, leaving it as one of the most controversial non-rated films of all time

Plot[edit | edit source]

Master Sardu (Seamus O'Brien) runs a Grand Guignol-style theatre with his assistant, the little person Ralphus. They present grotesque sadomasochism shows depicting torture and murder. Unbeknownst to audiences and critics, the events depicted are real, not staged; the tortured participants are kidnapped victims forced into sexual slavery.

Theatre critic Creasy Silo incurs Sardu's wrath by mocking his pretensions of art. Sardu responds by kidnapping and torturing Silo, hoping he will give the show a positive review, and by kidnapping ballerina Natasha DeNatalie to force her to participate in shows and lend them some artistic legitimacy. Natasha's football-player boyfriend Tom Maverick and corrupt policeman Detective John Tucci try to find Natasha and unravel the mystery of Sardu's operation. Sardu ultimately gets his comeuppance at the hands of his former captives.

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