Brain Boy

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Brain Boy was a short-lived 2013 American comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics, with story by Fred Van Lente and art by R. B. Silva. It was based on the equally short-lived 1962-1963 Dell Comics publication of the same title. Both titles centered on the adventures of Matt Price, AKA "Brain Boy," a young man who gains powerful telepathic abilities after a tragic accident. He is recruited by the U.S. Secret Service to fight Communists and other threats to the United States.

A four-issue follow-up titled Brain Boy: The Men from G.E.S.T.A.L.T. followed in 2014.

One of Brain Boy's First Missions (Volume 1, Issue 0)[edit | edit source]

In this prequel to Volume 1 of Brain Boy, terrorists attack the President of the United States and steal the nuclear 'football' that controls the country's nuclear arsenal. The football turns out to be a girl named Karen, another 'product' of the same company that trained Matt, who has the missile launch codes stored in her head.