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Bratz was a 2005-2006 American animated television series about four teenagers who run a fashion magazine. The series is based on a line of dolls created in 2001 by MGA Entertainment.

Bothered, Bewitched, Burdined (Season 1, Episode 11)[edit | edit source]

Burdine Maxwell, the head of a rival fashion magazine, orders a hypno-gadget online and secretly attaches it to Sasha's PDA, plowing her to hypnotize both Sasha and Jade. She orders the two girls to sabotage themselves (along with Cloe and Yasmin) at an awards show where the Bratz are supposed to receive a "Tween Voice Award."

Alien Encounters (Season 2, Episode 11)[edit | edit source]

It's definitely a weird day at Stiles High when the faculty and staff are hypnotized by space aliens. Only the Bratz and the Tweevils escape, but can they free their school and defeat the aliens before they, too, are captured and put under mind control?