Buford's Beach Bunnies

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Buford's Beach Bunnies is a 1993 American comedy movie about an awkward young man (Jim Hanks) who tries to overcome his fear of women in order to inherit his father's successful fast-food restaurant. The film also starred Rikki Brando, Monique Parent, and Suzanne Ager.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Harry Buford (Barrett Cooper) owns a very successful Hooters-style fast food restaurant, complete with waitresses in skimpy outfits. Unfortunately, being around beautiful women is a terrifying experience for his shy, awkward son Jeeter (Hanks). Harry decides that Jeeter needs to get over his fear of women if he wants to inherit the restaurant, and offers $100,000 to the first woman who can seduce his son. Amber (Parent) and Boopsie (Ager) try and fail, but Jeeter ends up falling in love with Lauren (Brando) and things seem to be working out. Unfortunately, the nasty Beula Lugosi (Ina Rogers) decides to sabotage Jeeter by hiring a hypnotist named "The Amazing Foreskin" (David Robinson) to hypnotize Jeeter into groping a woman in a restaurant restroom.

Lauren, Amber, and Boopsie sneak backstage at the hypnotist's show and find evidence of his collusion with Beula. The Amazing Foreskin finds them and hypnotizes them to make them forget everything, and to remove their clothes, but his plan is foiled by Boopsie's super-jealous boyfriend. The three girls and the reluctant hypnotist partner up to save Jeeter's reputation (as well as his freedom) at his criminal trial.