Bunnicula (2016 Animated Series)

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Bunnicula is a 2016 animated series produced by Warner Brothers and loosely based on the children's book series of the same name. The show revolves around Chester, a paranoid cat, Harold, a docile and dopey dog, and Bunnicula, a vampire rabbit, as they protect their owner Mina from all manner of supernatural evil in her new home in New Orleans.

Alligator Tears (S1E4)[edit | edit source]

The ghost of a female alligator spreads a crying curse throughout the town.

Dating for Dummies (S1E24)[edit | edit source]

Mina tries to set her depressed single father up with a local ventriloquist, little realizing that the woman is controlled by her dummy, who can take over anyone he touches.

Chestaroldcula (S1E35)[edit | edit source]

Chester, Harold, and Bunnicula end up fused together when Harold unleashes an ancient Egyptian diamond that causes greed in whoever views it, as well as melding any life forms touching the diamond at the same time together. They manage to narrowly get the diamond away from an entranced Mina before she falls to the diamond's mutating effects.

Bunn on a Plane (S2EP18)[edit | edit source]