Burke's Law

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Burke's Law is a 1963 - 1966 American detective series that aired on the ABC television network. It starred Gene Berry as Amos Burke, a policeman (in later episodes, a secret agent) who is also a millionaire. The series was based on a character created by Dick Powell for his 1961 television series The Dick Powell Show. It costarred Gary Conway, Regis Toomey, and Leon Lontoc.

Who Killed 711? (Season 2, Episode 12)[edit | edit source]

At a nightclub, hypnotist Ventura Jones (Lisa Seagram) tries to hypnotize Burke. He pretends to fall into a trance, but his joke is interrupted by a phone call from the police, requesting that he report to a nearby murder scene. When Burke gets up to leave, he and Ventura discover that she has accidentally hypnotized Burke's date Cindy (Susanne Cramer). At the end of the episode, Burke pretends to hypnotize Ventura and kisses her.