C.I.D. (1998 TV Series)

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C.I.D. (AKA CID) is a 1998 - 2018 Indian detective series that aired on the SET television network. It is a procedural drama that follows the detectives of the Crime Investigation Division (a real-life division of the Indian State Police) as they solve difficult crimes. It was the longest-running series on Indian television at the time of its cancellation. The series starred Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastava, Dayanand Shetty, and Dinesh Phadnis in addition to a large (current and former) supporting cast.

Yeh Phool Chaman Mein Kaisa Khila (Episode 408)[edit | edit source]

A man thinks that his wife is attacking him, and he is forced to kill her in self-defense. In reality, he has actually killed her in cold blood. The C.I.D. team investigates and discovers that someone is using hypnosis to trick people into becoming killers.

Woh Kaun Thi (Episode 501)[edit | edit source]

Aawaazin (Episode 597)[edit | edit source]

The tam investigates the case of a young woman who was murdered in a crowded shopping mall. Forensic scientist Tarika moves into a new house, where someone has secretly installed a system that hypnotizes her into trying to burn down the C.I.D.'s lab. Could the cases be related?

Abhijeet Ke AteetKa Raaz (Episode 686)[edit | edit source]

The team investigaes a bizarre case involving a mad scientist and mind control chips.

Sammohan Se Hatya (Episode 914)[edit | edit source]

Doctor Dinkar reveals to his students that he has discovered a unique experiment in which he can hypnotize an individual for lifetime and can have a control over all their activities. Just when he was about to show a demo, a major trouble takes place and Dr. Dinkar gets murdered. ACP Pradyuman observes the footage in the camera which was kept on while the demo was going. The only thing that they could hear is the noise of the door. If all the patients were hypnotized then who killed Dr. Dinkar in the conference room?

Sammohit Chori (Episode 1363)[edit | edit source]

Sohan and Rinky come to Kunal’s house. Sohan meet Kunal’s wife Amrita in the guise of a salesman. He looks into Amrita’s eyes and hypnotizes her. Rinky and Sohan steal cash and jewelry from Amrita’s locker. What happens next is a shocking series of events which lead to Kunal’s murder.