CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (AKA CSI) is a 2000-2015 American detective show that follows a groups of high-tech forensic scientists who work for the Las Vegas Police Department. The show stars George Eads and Marge Helgenberger, together with a large supporting cast.

The Happy Place (Season 9, Episode 2)[edit | edit source]

A young woman (Ricki Lander) jumps from her balcony to her death. The CSI team investigates and finds it an odd suicide- the woman left no suicide note, was in the middle of cooking dinner, and was improbably dressed in a bikini at the time of her death. Nick (Eads) and Catherine (Helgenberger) discover that the woman had recently been fired from her bank teller job for exchanging 2 fifty-dollar bills for 100 one hundred-dollar bills. Digging further, they find that another woman in another bank was fired for the same offense. Both women had previously seen a hypnotist named Madame Marvelous (Glenne Headley)

The police hypnotize the other bank teller. They theorize that someone implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion to see $100 bills as $1 bills when given the $50 bills, and to not remember the transaction. Suspicion falls on Madame Marvelous, who is in financial distress, but the footage from the banks shows a man collecting the money.

On a hunch, Catherine runs a scan of the mysterious man's picture and discovers that Madame Marvelous and the mystery man are one and the same- she dressed up as an old man to hide her identity. They put together the pieces- afraid that the victim was starting to remember too much, Madame Marvelous used another post-hypnotic suggestion to make her think that she was on her Hawaiian honeymoon, taking a dive into the ocean, so that she would kill herself.

Madame Marvelous is arrested; she claims that she can't make anyone do something that they don't want to do. Catherine replies that she can- she can make people sit in jail.