Caged Fury (1983)

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Caged Fury is a 1983 Filipino women-in-prison action film starring Bernadette Peters and Jennifer Lane about women who are being held captive in a jungle prison camp, with the goal of turning them into brainwashed assassins.

Plot[edit | edit source]

At a hotel in Hawaii, a woman receives a phone call that places her in a hypnotic trance. She dons an explosive vest and uses it to blow up a diplomat, as well as herself.

In Vietnam, a Canadian journalist named Denise (Peters) is kidnapped and sent to an old POW camp in the jungle, where her captors are using torture and hypnosis to create more brainwashed assassins. Unfortunately, they are unable to replicate the success of their first subject. As the women resist the efforts to brainwash them, the sadistic camp guards torture and abuse them. Denise manages to escape with the help of a smitten prison guard (Efren Reyes Jr.), but they are recaptured the next morning.

The brainwashing program is eventually declared a failure; the captors make a deal with the American embassy to arrange a prisoner exchange. However, the women discover that they are going to be murdered instead. They manage to take out the guards and commandeer the train, reaching safety with the help of two American helicopters.