Camp Fear

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Camp Fear (AKA 'The Millennium Horror' and 'Millennium Countdown') is a 1991 American direct-to-video horror movie directed by Thomas Edward Keith and starring Betsy Russell and Vincent Van Patten. Originally intended to be a sequel to the 1988 slasher film Cheerleader Camp, the script was rewritten into a horror movie about four college students and a professor (Van Patten, Russell, Peggy McIntaggart, Erika Nann, and Mindy Myer) who go on a camping trip only to have to fight for their lives against a motorcycle gang, a lake monster, and a Druid priest preparing for a sacrificial ritual.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Professor Mark Hamilton (Van Patten) takes his girlfriend Jamie (Russell) and fellow archaeology students Tiffany (McIntaggart), Melissa (Mindy Myer) and Wendy (Erika Nann) into the foothills on a camping trip/archaeology dig. They run into a motorcycle gang, which follows them to their campsite to menace them further, and a towering Druid (Tiny Ron Taylor), who kidnaps Tiffany. Melissa and Wendy escape from the bikers (and a monster in the nearby lake) before being captured by the Druid and taken to his cave. They try hiding in the cave while the Druid forces Tiffany to drink a potion that turns her into a mindless slave. Mark and Jamie find the cave only for Jamie to be captured as well. The Druid recaptures Melissa and Wendy and forces the three remaining women to drink the same hypnotic drug.

Mark leads the remaining bikers towards the cave and convinces them to help him save the girls from the Druid. That night, the mesmerized women wait for their turn to be sacrificed in a ritual. The Druid kills Tiffany before Mark and the bikers can intervene, but with Jamie next on the altar, Mark and lead biker Ace (Jim Kratt) attack. Ace manages to accidentally kill the Druid, and he and Mark free the girls before leading themselves and their friends back to safety. Back at the lake, the monster continues to swim around.