Campus Beauty

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"Campus Beauty"(Original title 贴身校花) is a web drama produced by Shanghai Siba Film and Television Co., Ltd. Starring Zhang Yuge, Zhao Shunran, Wu Zhehan, Li Yitong and Zhu Yuanbing. The plot is adapted from the online novel "My Personal School Flower".

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story is about Tang Yu, an ancestral descendant of Tang, who in ancient times made a heroic sacrifice. In the present, he accidentally finds a bottle containing a medicinal power, which gives him the incredible ability to heal others.

Ep. 18[edit | edit source]

The three voodoo family ancestors suddenly appear in Jinghai City and decide to take revenge during Mo Kuan's succession ceremony. Mo Kuan confesses to Chu Yarou at the ceremony, but Chu Yarou, who has been controlled by voodoo, stabs Mo Kuan in the back. Tang Yu arrives just in time to undo Chu Yarou's voodoo. Heaven, the Xia family, and the voodoo family fight each other at the ceremony, and the truth of the Tang family's annihilation is also revealed.

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