Cantinflas: Soy un Profugo

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Cantinflas use hypnosis in some men to escape from jail, although he isn't guilty, no one believes him, at the end of the movie when he is free, He saw Rosita(His girlfriend) with another man that is trying to seduce her. Cantinflas use his powers to make the man reveal that he only wants to have "fun" with Rosita and that He already has a wife and 8 sons. Then He commands the man to leave, now Cantinflas use his hypnotic powers in Rosita, to make her marry him. Rosita accepts believing that the hypnosis works, but Rosita reveals that it didn't work, she already loves him.

After that Rosita tries to use hypnosis in Cantinflas and she makes him sleep.

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