Captain America(Comics)

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Captain America is a long-running series of comic books published by Marvel Comics and featuring the titular Captain America, an American super-soldier created during a World War II experiment. Originally created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941, the series progressed through fits and starts before a successful revival in 1964.

The Death of Captain America (Volume 5, Issues #25-#41)[edit | edit source]

During the Civil War, Doctor Faustus was passed by a psychologist in Shield, and attended several agents including Sharon Carter, the girlfriend of Captain America and she is the one who kills the captain, while the hospital was the daughter of Red Skull disguised as one of the nurses tells the trigger word to Sharon so that she remembers everything and enters into control of Doctor Faustus again. By orders of Doctor Faustus she can not say that she is hypnotized or talk about anything related to the death of Captain America, she can not even commit suicide. And during several missions she begins to have memories of guilt, until Doctor Faustus takes total control over her and orders her to attack Sam and Black Widow. After that, Sharon develops a second personality that always tells her that she can not disobey any order from Red Skull or from Doctor Faustus. While Sharon is hypnotized they discover that she is pregnant and Red Skull tries to use Sharon's son to create a new Captain America, but due to a fight, Sharon loses her son, Doctor Faustus feels guilt and frees Sharon from hypnosis.