Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Comic Book)

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Captain Planet and the Planeteers is a 1991 American comic book series published by Marvel Comics. It is based on characters created by DIC Enterprises and Turner Program Services for the cartoon series of the same name, which aired on the TBS cable television network from 1990 to 1996. In the comic book, as in the cartoon series, five teenagers gathered from around the world form a superhero team to protect the Earth from various supervillains bent on environmental destruction and world conquest.

Volume 1, Issues 2-7[edit | edit source]

As the Planeteers battle various eco-villains, Verminous Skumm secretly approaches them and plants a mind-control chip in their ears (Lanka in Issue 2, Ma-Ti in Issue 3, Gi and Kwame in Issue 4, and Wheeler in Issue 5). At the end of Issue 6, he takes control of their minds and has them attack their leader, Gaia, before summoning a group of eco-villains to Gaia's island.

The five villains make copies of the Planeteers's power rings to create their own super-powered anti-hero, Captain Pollution. The original rings are returned to the hypnotized Planeteers, who are ordered to destroy each other with them, but this command breaks the spell and the five heroes regain their senses. They then work to stop Captain Pollution from taking over the world.