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Cardfight!! Vanguard (カードファイト!! ヴァンガード Kādofaito!! Vangādo) is a Japanese media franchise created in collaboration among Akira Itō (Yu-Gi-Oh! R), Satoshi Nakamura (Duel Masters), and Bushiroad president Takāki Kidani. An anime television series was produced by TMS Entertainment and aired in Japan on TV Tokyo starting on January 8, 2011. An official trading card game by Bushiroad began releasing first in Japan follow by Singapore and internationally. A manga series was also announced and began publishing in Kerokero Ace magazine on March 26, 2011.

Cardfight!! Vanguard (Season 1)[edit | edit source]

Episode 63 to 65[edit | edit source]

Rekka gets possessed by Takuto to reveal the story of the Planet Cray.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker (Season 3)[edit | edit source]

Yuri's Pendant (Episode 136)[edit | edit source]

Yuri tries to save Kotei, but She lost the fight and becomes a "Reverse Fighter", so she must obey all the orders of her Emperor.

Dark Dimensional Combination! "Яeverse" Daiyusha (Episode 137)[edit | edit source]

Leon finds himself facing Kenji while Jillian fights Ali and Sharlene plays against Lee. Kenji manages to Superior Crossride "Яeverse" Daiyusha from his deck, giving him an early advantage. Jillian and Sharlene both lose their matches and are "Reversed" as a result. Despite being alone and Kenji's insults to the Soryu tribe, Leon maintains a strong front...

Episode 149 to 150[edit | edit source]

It is revealed that Maki Nagashiro was mind controlled by Link Joker and she begin to reverse all the fighters.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate (Season 4)[edit | edit source]

Some characters were shown as reverse fighters in flashbacks, and Aichi gets reversed in this season.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis (Season 6)[edit | edit source]

(Episode 32)[edit | edit source]

In order to protect Am, Luna joins Ryuzu as the girl that will summon the cards on real world, but the connection of Luna with the cards,makes the cards take possession of her body. She destroys the Dragon Empire Branch.

(Episode 47)[edit | edit source]

In order to save Luna, Am challenges Luna to a fight, Am, Am manages to save Luna by revealing her feelings for her.

Luna vs Am

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT (Season 8)[edit | edit source]

Creeping Menace (Episode 22)[edit | edit source]

Noa Hoshizaki a member of Team New Nippon gets possessed by his Ace Card, Chaos Breaker Dragon.

(Episode 32-50)[edit | edit source]

The Shiranui deck has the power to hypnotize the cards of other players, this skill is called "dominate" when a card is in dominate state, their eyes glow and they must obey their new master.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Z (Season 9)[edit | edit source]

The apostles are humans that get possessed by their cards and the plan to revive Gyze, so they search a human that can support all the power of Gyze, to make Gyze possess him. Initially they try to make Chrono the host of Gyze, but they get Kazuma instead.

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Noa possessed by Chaos Breaker challenges Chrono

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

Noa seems to return back to normal and tells Makoto and Arata to protect him from the apostles, but it was only Chaos Breaker playing with them.

Episode 14[edit | edit source]

Kazuma is possessed by Gyze.

Episode 19[edit | edit source]

Aichi and Kai challenges Chaos Breaker in order to free Noa from his control, Noa breaks Chaos Breaker control for some minutes, but Chaos Breaker regains control until Aichi and Kai defeat him.

Cardfight!! Vanguard (2018, Season 10)[edit | edit source]

This is a remake of the original Cardfight!! Vanguard anime that are more faithful to the manga written by Akira Itou. The anime still takes some liberties like mini fillers or adding scenes that aren't in the original manga.

Episode 35 onwards[edit | edit source]

Starting the School Arc or also know as Psyqualia Zombies arc where the characters are mind controlled by Takuto, in the opening is show a little scene indicating that with Takuto turning Kourin in a Psyqualia Zombie.

Concert Master, Takuto (Episode 35)[edit | edit source]

Ibuki has deleted Takuto's heart and he becomes evil, now Takuto use his powers to mind control all students of Fukuhara High School.